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Facebook has been making quite a few improvements to its mobile app to improve the way they work on slower Internet connections. Today, it has introduced more updates that further improve the overall experience.
Facebook is testing a way you can use its mobile app even when there is no connectivity – well sort of. If you are at a place with unstable or no Internet connectivity, the Facebook app will still show you new stories. The app essentially will push News Feed stories that were already loaded on your phone the last time when you were online. The app will grab new stories when you have good connectivity, and based on relevance push them to the top when you don’t have any connectivity. In other words you will always have something new to read even when connectivity is bad.
Furthermore, Facebook is adding some level of offline interactivity to the app. You will now be able to comment on other posts when offline. These comments will then go live the moment you go online.
Facebook may be used across the globe, but not everyone experiences the social network the same way. Despite not having high-speed connectivity, countries like India are still important for Facebook, boasting a user base of over 130 million. More importantly though over 90 percent of these users access the social network only on their mobile phones.
Facebook makes a better News Feed for slow connections | Techzubi
It is not surprising then that the company is working on ways to improve the app experience with these people in mind. In October a report surfaced about Facebook’s ‘2G Tuesdays’. This was essentially an initiative wherein the company’s employees were encouraged to use the Facebook mobile app and Messenger at 2G speeds.
Earlier this year, it launched Facebook Lite, a version of the Facebook app specially designed for entry-level Android smartphones with low specifications. In October, the Android app was also updated with a feature to detect slower connections and push out News Feed stories accordingly.

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