Google has taken big decision, new technology could change everyone's life

New Delhi: Google and its related products are an important part of our life. The company took a very important decision on Wednesday night. Google CEO Sundar Pichai announced on Wednesday night the AI First World. The company is now going to use ML, DL, and TPU in its product in a new way, whether it is new or old. The key to this is that there are huge changes in your world very fast. In the case of job search, Google has to do a great job in the coming days.
Google is going to make big changes, new technology could change everyone's life
Google is going to make big changes, new technology could change everyone’s life

Machine Learning, that is, ML sounds clear like its name. This would mean reading machine written. The machine will automatically learn things and accordingly, it will change its functions. A chip has been developed for this. This chip will work in the machine and will work as its brain. In this way, you can understand that the robot equipped with this chip will slowly understand your needs better and work accordingly.

As part of the TPU Google AI First, Pichai also announced the Second Generation Tender Processor Unit (TPU). This is a hardware and software system based on cloud computing, which is part of the plans of Google’s AI First Data Center. TPU was brought to the forefront last year. These are the chips, which are designed to teach the machines. He told that TPU is being used in machine learning models to improve products such as Google Translate and Google Photos.

DL has given the human ability such challenge
Deep Learning (DL) Computer Vision Deep Learning is the process through which the computer learns those nuances that can only be done by humans. You will be surprised to know that it has been developed so that in many cases, Deep Learning’s ready-to-use image recognition has performed better than human vision. You can understand it like this. As much as you think about any picture, all the computer will think. You must have heard about Facebook’s face encoding. This was his initial stage. Now the computer can beat the human eye too.

These products will change
In these products, AI is going to use AI Intelligence in all the products including Google Data Research, Medical Imaging, Cloud, Google Assistance, Google Holmes, Google Translate and Google Photos. This means that these products will be updated very fast. These users will become friendly and will be customized according to time, place, user and demand. Mr.Pichai said, “We are re-considering all our products at AI First World.” According to a report of the World Economic Forum, by 2030 AI will change our world.
All these new experiments named Pichai further said mobile came with a multi-touch. Now we have Voice and Vision. Computers are now getting better than before and they are understanding the voice. From this, in the case of Vision, the efficiency of the computer has also improved. So today we are announcing the Google list, which will be included in the first Google Assistance. According to a report from the World Economic Forum, by 2030 AI will change our world.

 What Google is going to do in Search

All jobs will be available in one place. Now you can search all the websites related to LinkedIn,, Facebook or Job. You do not have to go to different sites. Soon you will know about all kinds of jobs on Google Jobs. The company’s CEO Sunder Pichai has announced this. It will be launched in the coming week. This will work as a mega job search ink. Its specialty will be that it will first show jobs in your area.



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