Google Invests Over 2 Billion Dollars InTo New Bitcoin Trading System – Revolutionizing The Financial Industry

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One may be wondering what exactly Bitcoin Wealth is? It’s simply an innovative tool which was created to trick the professional traders working in the stock market. Most of the wealth the world’s richest own comes from their investments in stocks. These stocks are traded by professional Wall Street brokers who are legally forced to deal in exchanges of at least $1 million. However, Bitcoin Wealth deals with anyone and any amount. These trades are so small that they go unnoticed by the trained professionals so that they may be taken advantage of by common consumers. With Bitcoin Wealth’s proven success rate of over 80%, ordinary people have been gaining on average between $1,200 and $10,000 per day. Follow Google’s lead to try and take control of your finances using Bitcoin Wealth today!

*Google Invests Over 2 Billion Dollars Into New Bitcoin Trading System – Revolutionizing The Financial Industry

Interview with Bitcoin Wealth CEO Austin Ford so he could better explain exactly how Bitcoin Wealth operates.

Can you tell us how Bitcoin Wealth works?

Bitcoin Wealth works like a team of spies. We have millions of automated robots that go on social media and gather real-time data – posts, images, text, videos and anything else people are publicly saying. Then we analyze all this data, looking for topics related to any publicly traded companies. Once we have a certain trending topic related to a big company, we analyze if the trend is Positive or Negative. If the trend is positive, we bet on the stock to rise, if the trend is negative – we bet on the stock to fall. It’s that simple.”

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Update: The above news turned out to be fake / Unconfirmed by Google.


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