How To Get Rid of Paper Jam Error in HP Printers

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How do I Get Rid of Paper Jam Error in HP Printer?Once you purchase a HP printer, you need to download its drivers and install them properly on your device (computer system/laptop/Mac) for its accurate functioning.

Paper Jam Error
Paper Jam Error

Hewlett Packard (HP) is a world-renowned company engaged in manufacturing hardware as well as software components. Apart from the laptops, the second major product HP is popular is its wide variety of printers. HP printer Support are available in different models and specifications in order to meet the specific requirements.

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While doing so, you may across a number of issues. One of the common issues of HP printer Support is associated with paper feed or paper jam. Thankfully, both these errors can be resolved without any hassle. To find the solution, first you need to understand the cause behind these two errors. A paper jam error occurs when the paper feeding process through the printer goes awry. This result in the halt of entire printing job and cause the parts of paper trapped inside the machine.  To get rid of this issue, all you need to follow the below mentioned steps:

Carefully check the paper tray to spot a paper jam and if you find a piece of paper, gently pull it back. Now press the resume button to continue printing operation.
Remove the rear access door of inkjet printer to see if there is any paper jam or not. If you find the same, use the knob or a clasp to release the door and take the paper out. Just make sure there is no paper, including any ripped piece or scrap. Once done, place the door back to its position.
If the problem persists, lift the front cover and take out the paper that was causing a jam error. To reduce the risk of damaging the printer, make sure you pull the paper slowly.
Now, check the print carriage to ensure its proper functioning, i.e. moving freely from one side of the printer to the other.
Now, reload the plain papers into the paper tray and hold the resume button to print a test page.
To avoid this problem in future, do the following checks:

Use one type of paper at a time into the paper tray
It does not matter that your printer has one or multiple input trays, entering the paper details to the printer control section can make you avoid this problem. You can provide details such as paper thickness, type, name and quality.
If you want to use a specific type of paperComputer Technology Articles, check the documentation of your printer to know whether it will accept that or not
Place the paper properly by adjusting the width and the length


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