How to Use Your Android Phone as a Wi-Fi Hotspot for Free

Transforming your current smartphone into a Wireless hotspot is one of the capabilities I adore. Here we’re going to try to demonstrate how you can make this happen with the phone or in other words what is tethering and how to put it to use
Surfing the internet is usually far better on a larger sized device for example tablet or laptop as opposed to the small smartphone screen. We can easily claim that it’s just perfect that one could actually use your own smartphone to join the larger sized devices to the world-wide-web.
It is known as tethering a great number smartphones currently available have got this feature.
How to Use Your Android Phone as a Wi-Fi Hotspot for Free
Use Your Android Phone as a Wi-Fi Hotspot for Free Image 
Exactly what is tethering?
Tethering is the method whenever you share your smartphone’s 4g o 3g web connection with other devices, making the smartphone behave like a hotspot. After you turn this option on, you will be able to link any unit to the online world by using your own smartphone web connection.
Simply, this is what tethering is and just about all mobile phones can be used like this. The sole thing you should know is to enable this specific option on your current phone.
Can the phone support tethering?
You need to be informed that not all mobile phones have this option. If you have a newer type you may be quite confident it is supported by your smartphone.
Sharing the internet connection is not limited to wi-fi connections only. USB or Bluetooth connection could be used too.
Regardless of which internet connection you choose there is a very important factor you should check out before you begin using tethering. Check out if your own mobile plan allows tethering in order to prevent any other costs. At times, the mobile phone operator disables this option if tethering isn’t part of the package.
Maybe there is a different way to do it if tethering is not available?
The first solution should be to switch your current operator to another which will allow tethering without extra fees. Certainly, it may be a little bit more costly than the current plan, but it is less expensive than the alternative solutions.
If you don’t own a tablet PC and intend to purchase one, it would be best if you purchase one that supports 3g or 4g. Needless to say, you’ll have to invest in a separate Sim card and pay for either month-to-month or by the bandwidth you would spend.
Purchasing a portable wireless Hotspot is an option. Such portable hotspots are in essence wireless routers however with a way to insert a SIM card directly into them.
Tethering and how does it deliver the results?
Let’s try and explain this in layman’s terms. First of all, you need to enable this option to your smartphone, then configure the Wireless security by using a powerful security password for preventing other people from connecting to your own hot spot, then hook up the tablet computer to the network you have just built.
The password will be required the very first time you are attempting to connect your units to the hot spot. Nonetheless, the next time trying to hook up the unit you used to join for the first time can connect easily. This also happens when you utilize transportable hotspots as a result.
Everything you should pay focus on
Some of the basic issues, if you use your current smartphone for tethering, is that the tablet computer won’t recognize it is linked with a mobile piece of equipment.
Due to this, you could have problems with the very little bandwidth allowance shortly. Certainly, the phone is going to prevent grabbing updates and also other large documents, but the tablet won’t know that the bandwidth is very little.
For that reason, you should get rid of programmed update downloading on the tablet computer. If you can’t or perhaps don’t know the right way to achieve that, be aware of the bandwidth. There are also a number of software applications to test your current bandwidth usage.
It is suggested to turn off tethering if you don’t make use of it mainly because it can drain the smartphone battery quickly.
Of course, it is less difficult if you could potentially transport your current wireless router all the time with you and utilize the net connection it doesn’t matter where you are. We can use the router default IP to change the router configuration settings as needed. Visit for more info. However, as this is not the case, make an effort to learn how you can make use of tethering for connecting the devices to the net utilizing your smartphone.

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