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The future of cell phones to blow our minds in the next ten years
In mobile technology a lot can happen in 10 years. If you look back 10 years to 2006 one of the best phones on the market was the Sony Ericsson K800i. It boasted a 2″  256K colour screen, 64Mb of storage and a 3Mp camera.  It lacked everything we take for granted in 2016 like WiFi, GPS, large HD capacitive touch screen, huge megapixel camera with OIS, 4G, 4K video, a highly intelligent smart operating system, the list is endless. It did however have a battery that would last up to 2 weeks!
It must be quite a challenge for smartphone manufacturers to come up with something different each year and this shows as the complaints fly in from disgruntled consumers complaining that there is little innovation. Screens get bigger with eye watering pixel densities, processors and memory increase and cameras offer more and more reasons to ditch your DSLR. There have been toes dipped into 3D screens and odd shaped phones, and some that slot into tablets but they failed to really take off. LG have introduced the modular add-on concept but will that succeed?
Companies like Samsung and LG have given us some great new features, some gimmicks but others more ground breaking and they continue to innovate. But aren’t we just seeing a specs war rather than anything amazing? Evolution rather than revolution?
I personally see that battery technology, memory speed, communication speeds and more interaction with other devices and objects around you being the improvements, but they are a given. For something to blow your mind, well this is a difficult one.
For me Virtual Reality is the next big thing this year and who knows maybe we can expect some holographic technology to be introduced on our everyday devices. One thing is for sure, technology does not stand still for anyone. In 10 years time we will look back at a Galaxy S7 and iPhone 6S or an LG G5 and scoff at how primitive their specifications were.

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